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Steps to Consigning

Register as a Consignor


There is a $15 registration fee to participate in our pop up event.

Each consignor # has a limit of 150 total items.  Consignor numbers need to be 2 letters followed by 4 numbers. (Ex. AA1234)

Consignors make 65% of everything that sells.

Register Here

Gather your items to sell. 


Make sure your items are 

Clean, Current Trends, and Classic Styles.

This will be more of a pop up boutique than a thrift store experience.

LolliPosh will be taking women's clothing (current seasons), women's shoes, purses and bags,  women's accessories, and home decor items. 

Check out the full list of

Accepted / Not Accepted Items here. 

Prepare your items 


Presentation is key when selling your items.  If it is not hung presentably or in excellent condition, it will often be overlooked. 


Preparing items on the front end will equal bigger checks on the back end.


For a full list of materials needed and how to hang and prepare your items check out our

Hanging and Prepping Guidelines found here. 

Enter & Tag your items. 


Once you have prepped your items, it is time to enter them into our online system.


Pricing your items competitively is the key to being  a successful consignor. Think about what you would pay for your items when pricing.  If you won't buy it, chances are no one else will either.

Don't forget to DISCOUNT your items to make the most money.  


Still need help?  Check out our Guide to Enter and Price Items Here.

Drop off your Items at the sale.

Please allow 30 minutes for items to be inspected and put out. 

Pick up unsold items after the sale.

We would love for you to consider donating your unsold items to our local charities we work with. 

For full details on drop off and pick up procedures, please read our guidelines here. 

Accepted List

What items can I consign?

Accepted Items

  • Limit of 150 total items per consignor #. If you have more than 150 items, you will need to purchase a second consignor # that is one digit off from your original number. (Ex: AA1234 and AA1235)

  • Women's Clothing CURRENT SEASON ONLY  and purchased within the last 5 years or that is still within current trends. We want our shopping experience to feel more like a pop-up clothing sale than a yard sale.  Not all items are acceptable for this type of event and those items should be considered for a yard sale or donated.

  • Classic or vintage clothing is the exception to being purchased in the last 5 years.

  • Clothing categories to include: 

    • Casual everyday wear

    • Active Wear

    • Professional Dress/ Business Attire

    • Semi Formal and Cocktail Dresses

    • NEW with tag Bathing Suits 

    • NEW or Excellent Condition Loungewear; Pajama sets; Sports Bras

    • Scrubs

  • Women's Shoes in excellent condition only.  

  • ​Shoe categories to include:​

    • Sandals​

    • Heels/Pumps

    • Wedges

    • Tennis Shoes

    • Boots

    • Flip Flops (Not from Old Navy, Walmart or any other cheap flip flops)

  • Women's Accessories: Jewelry, Scarves, Hats, Belts, 

  • Women's Bags: Purses, Wallets, Overnight Bags, Suitcases, Beach Bags, Tote Bags

  • Home Decor: Items must be with current trends or classic style pieces.  Items must be in excellent condition and include all pieces and be in working condition.

  • Home Decor Categories to include:

    • Wall Decor​

    • Lamps

    • Furniture

    • Current trend room decor

    • Kitchen Appliances

    • Dishes/Serving Pieces

    • China

    • Organization Items

    • Adult Bedroom Decor (no bedding)

    • Kid's Bedroom Decor (no bedding)

    • Seasonal Decor (no Christmas lights)

    • Wreaths

    • Rugs (must be cleaned with no stains or smoke/pet odor)

    • Mirrors

    • Frames

    • Collectables

    • Curtains (must be on a hanger)

    • New or Excellent Condition Throws/Decorative Blankets (must be on a hanger)

    • Accent/Decorative Pillows

    • Current Electronics (within the last 3-4 years)

    • Exercise Equipment

    • Tools

    • Adult Sporting Equipment (golf clubs, bikes, etc.)

  • Clothing purchased more than 5 years ago.  The exception to this would be classic vintage items. 

  • Clothing with stains, holes, tears, broken zippers, missing buttons, etc.

  • Clothing that is out of season (fall/ winter items for our fall sale and spring/summer items for our spring sale.)

  • Clothing that has faded or been shrunk 

  • Wrinkled items

  • Clothing that smells of cigarette smoke or pet odor

  • Clothing with pilling, fuzz, lint, and pet hair

  • Bathing suits unless new with tags.

  • Undergarments and lingerie unless new

  • Screen printed t-shirts from events, vacations, etc. (Local schools/sports teams are accepted.  Graphic tees are also accepted.)

  • Wedding dresses 

  • Shoes with dirt, markings, scuffs, excessive wear

  • Purses with stains, worn straps, or broken zippers/clasps.

  • Clothing/purses that are deemed to be counterfeit.

  • Home Decor that is out of date

  • Old floral arrangements/greenery

  • Generic flower vases

  • Burned Candles

  • Mattresses

  • Old TV's/ VCR

Not Accepted Items

Item Prep

How do I prepare my items?

Materials Needed for Prep:

  • Hangers (wire is preferred)

  • Safety Pins (small pins or gold pins will not be accepted.  Invest in good pins to make sure your items stay securely on the hangers.)

  • Small Zip Ties to connect shoes together: Can be ordered on Amazon or purchased at Wal-Mart.

  • Rubberbands to connect shoes or other items

  • Small Ziplock Baggies if you are consigning jewelry items

  • Large Bags may be needed for some home decor items 



Step 1: ​ After you have gathered all your accepted items, make sure to check for any stains, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, or extreme wear, Check your shoes and purses for scuffs and other wear.  

Step 2: It is not required, but highly recommended that your items are freshly laundered and iron or steam any garments that require it.  Items that look new will stand out and sell first.  Any items that are covered in pet hair, extreme lint, or smell of cigarette smoke will be rejected at drop off. 

Step 3: Hang all items on hangers.  Wire hangers are not required, but highly recommended for space and to easily slide on the racks.  They are also much better at keeping clothes on the hanger.  Shirts must be hung on the hanger with the hanger pointing left so when you look at it, it looks like a question mark.  Pants need to be secured to hangers with large safety pins.  Small gold safety pins will not hold the weight of adult clothing and will not be accepted. Please make sure all sweaters and clothing with larger necks are secured using safety pins.  If you are combining a top with a bottom, hang the shirt on the hanger first, then secure the bottoms to the back of the item OR hang each item separately and secure the hangers together by rubber banding them.    Button all buttons and zip all zippers.

Step 4: Women's items tend to sell best as separate pieces unless it is a suit or items that go together.  


Step 5: Shoes need to be secured using zip ties or rubberbands to keep them together.  Shoes brought in bags or shoe boxes will not be accepted.  

Step 6: Jewelry needs to be secured in a Ziplock bag that is seal with tape.  

Step 7: Home Decor needs to be cleaned and free of pet hair or stains.  Secure your tags using packing tape.  All electronic items must be in working condition with all the necessary pieces.  Items that have multiple pieces need to be secured together so they will not get separated.  

*If you have large items that are being sold together but can't be connected easily, create one tag, but put how many pieces total in the description.  Print off multiple copies of that tag and mark through the barcode with a black sharpie on everything but the main tag.  Hand write on the tag "#1 of 4, #2 of 4, #3 of4, etc.


How do I price, enter, and tag my items?

Materials Needed for Tagging:

  • Computer or Phone to enter your items in our MyCM program

  • Ink Jet Printer (not dot matrix) (You can also save the PDF of your tags and have them printed at your local office supply store.)

  • Cardstock 60-67# (white or light colors only. No metallic or dark colors.)

  • Safety Pins (small pins or gold pins will not be accepted.)

  • Small Zip Ties: Can be ordered on Amazon or purchased at Wal-Mart.

  • Hole Punch

  • Packing Tape



Pricing Tips/Guidelines:

  • ​ Price to sell!  You have put in all the work to sell your items and make money, so you don't want to bring it home.  Consignors with the best prices sell more items and ultimately make more money.

  • General rule of thumb: Think about what you would pay for it.  If you won't buy it at that price, chances are no one else will.

  • 50-75% Off Retail is a good rule of thumb for most consignment.  Hard to find items, exclusive pieces, and limited editions will sell for more, but don't price yourself out of a sale.

  • DISCOUNT, DISCOUNT, DISCOUNT.   If your items are marked for discount, you are losing a whole day of selling event if your items are cheaper than those that are discounted.  Shoppers want the deal- so don't miss out on those sales.  Other than opening day, discount day is our second highest sales day. 

  • Consider donating your unsold items.  We have been working with the Nashville Dream Center for several years.  They do a lot of great work in our community and the donated items will be helping your local families in need. 

Tips When Entering Items:

  •  Gather your clothing items by size and into like categories.  Ex. Size 8 jeans, sweaters, tops, etc.  This will help you save time re-entering the size and partial description when you are entering your items.

  • Be as descriptive as possible when entering your items!  Always enter a brand name and as detailed a description as possible.  If a tag comes off an item and the tag says "shirt" we are unable to reattach that tag and you will lose out on that sale.  But if your description says "Aries- mauve hooded sweatshirt w/ pocket", we are much more likely to find that item when the tag gets separated or if it were to come to the register without a tag,

  • If your items is New and has tags, put the abbreviation "NWT" on the description.  If it is new but the tags have been moved, put the abbreviation "NWOT."

  • Step 1: Log into your MyCM Account.

  • Step 2: Go to Enter Items Tab

  • Step 3: Entering Clothing Items

    • Select a price from the drop down menu

    • Check the Discount Box if you want your item to sell at 50% on our Discount Day

    • Check the Donate Box if you want your unsold items to be donated to our local charities. *If you choose to donate 100%, you will be able to participate in our express drop off, where you do not need to wait on your items to be checked or put out.  You can drop off and go. 

    • Select a Size from the drop down menu

    • Enter as much detail as possible in the description box

    • Click Add Item

    • If you have multiple items with the same description you can select to create multiple tags

  • Step 4: Once you are done entering all your items, click the "Print Tags" Tab.  Select all the items you want to print tags for click the "Generate Tags" button. That will generate a download of a PDF file that will print your barcoded tags on cardstock 8 to a sheet.


      Use an Ink Jet Printer (not dot matrix) and set on normal (not best quality) printout.  

    • Tags must be printed on cardstock.  Paper tags will not be accepted.

    • Make sure your barcodes are printed clearly with visible white space between the marks.

    • If your barcodes are smeared, print heavy, or print with low ink and are splotchy- you will need to reprint those tags.  Tags that don't scan cause delays at the register when checking out. 

    • You can check to see if your tags will scan by downloading a free QR scanner to your phone and testing them.

  • Step 5: Cut tags and secure your tag on the front upper right corner of your hanging item using a good safety pin. ​​Tagging guns are not permitted. 

    • If you cut off part of your barcode, those tags will need to be reprinted.

    • If you clothing item has fabric that will show holes easily, you can pin your tag to the on the tag inside the garment at the top.

    • To secure tags from falling off, you can put a piece of clear packing tape over your safety pin on the tag.

    • For purses, shoes, and accessories, use a hole punch and a small zip ties to secure your tag to the item.

    • For home decor and items in bags, tape the tag onto the item using packing tape.  Please do not tape over the barcode as the tape will reflect the scanner and it will not scan. 

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Drop Off Procedures:

  • Select a drop off appointment time under your MyCM online account.

  • Arrive to your appointment on time and allow 30 minutes to check your items in.

  • Have your clothing organized by size when dropping off.

  • Bring a self-addressed stamped envelope for your check to be mailed to you.  

  • Come check in first before unloading items at the sale.

  • Consignors will review the contract your signed online to refresh all sale policies and important dates.

  • You will be able to sign up for our Consignor Pre-Sale if you have not already done so.

  • Your items will be inspected by one of our volunteers to make sure all requirements for acceptable items and proper hanging/tagging are met. 

  • Consignors will be responsible for putting out your shoes, purses, accessories, and home decor in the designated sections.  Volunteers will put out clothing items for you. 

Posh+ Consignor Drop Off Procedures:

  • If you choose to donate 100% of your items, you will be able to participate in our Posh+ Consignor program and will not need to wait to have your items checked or put out. 

  • You will need to schedule during our Posh+ Consignor Drop Off Times

  • You will still need to provide your self-addressed stamped envelope, review your contract, and sign up for Consignor Pre-Sale shopping if interested.  

Pick up Procedures:

  • After drop off has concluded, you will need to log into your MyCM account and select a pick up time the same place you selected your drop off appointment.

  • Your clothing items will all be placed back under the size/category they were sold under.  We will do our best to sort items into alphabetical order (by consignor number) within EACH size and CATEGORY.    Because our sale is new and we do not have a large volunteer base established yet, we are NOT offering a full sort of items. 

  • Once you have found your items, you will have them checked to make sure they are all yours.  

  • All items not picked up during our designated time will automatically be donated.

  • As always, we would love for you to consider donating your unsold items to our local charities.  We have worked with the Nashville Dream Center for several years to provide clothing to local families in need. 

  • If you choose to donate 100% of your items, you will be able to participate in Express Drop Off and will not need to wait to have your items checked or put out. 

  • Your checks will be mailed to you in the envelope provided within 7 days of the sale concluding.  If your check is lost or damaged, we are happy to provide you a new one for a $35 check cancelation fee for your old check.  

Drop Off
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