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Volunteer with Us

The success of our sales depends largely on our volunteers. We rely on them to ensure that our sale runs smoothly and everything goes accordingly. We hope that you will consider working one or more shifts with us.

If you are already registered as a consignor, you can add volunteer shifts under your consignor account.  If you are not registered as a consignor, you can register as a volunteer only to sign up for shifts. 

Worker Contract

  • All workers must work a sort shift in order to have any increase in your consignor percentage.

  • If you have multiple consignor accounts and are wanting to get an additional percentage of sales by working, you will need to work the designated number of shifts for BOTH accounts.  

  • All shopping credit earned through working MUST be used by the Friday set for 50% Off.  Any unused credit will not be added to your check.

  • No shopping or setting items aside to purchase is allowed to take place until your designated shopping time.​

  • Anyone using worker shopping credits and not fulfilling their shifts will have that amount deducted from your consignor check.  You will also not be allowed to participate in any future LolliPosh events. No percentages will be adjusted until after sort to assure all shifts are fulfilled.

  • Anyone signing up for multiple shifts and not showing up will not be allowed to participate in future LolliPosh events.  We understand emergencies happen, so please contact us ASAP to let us know if something comes up.  

  • When you sign up for shifts, please do not sign up for shifts that overlap in time.  If you are wanting to work a longer shift than is listed, contact us and we will create a time for you.

  • If you sign up for a drop off shift, please allow time before or after your shift starts to put out your own items.  If we are slow, you can put your items out during your shift.

  • If you are working a sort shift, you will be allowed to take your own items at the end of your shift that have been sorted, but your shift time needs to be spent sorting the items assigned to you.

  • You may be assigned any number of tasks ranging from checking in items, putting back discarded clothes, working the sales floor, or sorting and moving items as they sell. You must be physically able to do these  tasks. There are limited tasks available that require little or no physical activity, so email us if you are unable to do physical tasks but would still like to work.

  • All workers need to be 16 or older.  If you are bringing your teens to help with your shift, they will qualify for additional hours to count toward your total. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

  • If you have a conflict arise more than 48 hours before your scheduled shift, please log on and un-select your shift so that it might be opened up for another worker.

Worker Benefits

1 Shift

  • Early Shopping:

       Thurs. Sept. 22 @ 3pm

2 Shifts

  • Early Shopping Time:

       Thurs. Sept. 22 @ 3pm

  • $25 Shopping Credit

3 Shifts or More

  • Early Shopping:

      Thurs. Sept. 22 @ 3pm

  • $25 Credit

  • 70% Consignor Split

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